Our Approach

Uniquely, Prodata understands how large technology suppliers and users, utilize and action research. Prodata’s senior directors have held senior marketing & corporate directorships in global telecoms companies (Alcatel, AT&T, WorldCom, BT Global Services) and senior positions in leading global consulting firms (PwC). This gives us a unique insight into how research is consumed and actioned.

Prodata understands that budgets are under constant pressure and that market research is just one of many demands on this spend.

Our clients are looking for specialists who understand the big picture, and can produce real market insight in an efficient and actionable manner.

We understand that research is a significant investment from which you need tangible, actionable & measureable returns.

In working with clients, Prodata’s approach is to:

  • Have one, named, lead Consultant who is the single point of contact throughout the research
  • Collaborate to develop and agree the most appropriate methodology and question set
  • Develop creative solutions when required, but not reinvent the wheel when conventional approaches suffice
  • Test, and refine where necessary, major elements of the research process to enable confidence in the likely outcomes
  • Deliver outputs, insights and recommendations in formats suitable for different recipients e.g. short Board level summaries; data tables which can be easily manipulated; detailed findings & recommendations pertinent to business leads